Dyo Adelphia are two small deserted islands, close to each other, in the south of Alonissos, about 4 miles away. Near the smaller of them, named " Mikro Adelphi", is the area, where scuba diving is permitted with diving teachers. You need to get a special license, from the Port Police in Patitiri, before. According to the information given to us by the Hellenic Coast Guard, in Alonissos does exist an authorized diving centre, offering legal scuba diving services.

For many years the spectacular world of diving in the beautiful Aegean Archipelago was open to only a few individuals who were granted special permission by the authorities striving to protect the many underwater treasures and wrecks of archaeological importance.

It is true that the seabed of Greece is among the richest in ship wrecks dating as far back as the 5th century B.C. More specifically the area around Skopelos, Alonissos and the Marine park have the second largest concentration of ancient and Middle Ages sea wrecks in the world. Many shipwrecks have been discovered with the most famous being that off the coast of Peristera island across Alonissos where the findings are stunning. For more information about the Alonissos shipwreck at

The National Marine Park, one of the best preserved marine ecosystems in the Med, is an excellent opportunity to dive into crystal clear waters of significant importance to our European and world heritage.

Now both the certified sport divers and beginners keen to learn and acquire their first certified diving diploma can do so while holidaying on the beautiful Sporades islands, namely Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, which are surrounded by pristine waters, with a very interesting variety of fish, lobster, crabs, octopus, sea horses, sea anemones and even corals.

There are three diving centres in the Sporades islands. All centres offer introductory dives and PADI certificates.

Visit the PADI site for more information at

Discover the unexpected beauty of the Aegean underwater world while holidaying with us!

We will organise for you, either introductory dives or PADI open water diver courses. We may also book you to introductory dives exclusively for you and your companion.

With the introductory dives, you and your family are given the chance to discover the beauty of diving as a sport and to view the beauty of the Aegean sea, a unique chance to discover the Mediterranean red coral, to spot an octopus, soles of fish, sea anemones and other sea creatures. The water clarity can be up to 30 meters, which will give you a most enjoyable experience as you will be able to clearly see the underwater action!

With the completion of your introductory dive, you will get a participation certificate which although is not an official certificate, it will always remind you of this unique experience!

For the ones that want to take diving more seriously and to be able to use the PADI certificate to dive almost everywhere in the world, you may enrol one of the PADI courses, a world recognised association leading to a PADI certificate, which will allow you to dive and hire diving equipment, anywhere in the world!

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